Wajaana Yaam Adventure Tours is Ecotourism Certified!

Wajaana Yaam Adventure Tours is Ecotourism certified. We renew our certification every three years to ensure we’re always doing what we can to operate more environmentally. For more information please visit:

Tourism in a natural area that focuses on optimal resources use, leaves minimal impact on the environment and offers interesting ways to learn about the environment with operators that use resources wisely, contribute to conserving the environment and help local communities.

Wajaana Yaam & Caring for Country

Philosophy and core values:

Being committed to revitalising culture and to build an economic future for Aboriginal owned and operated tourism products.

We do this through not only reinvesting directly in the community and its people but by also excelling in our tourism product offering. WYAT is Ecotourism certified and Recognising Our Culture Certified, through Eco Tourism Australia.


We are here to give you any information you need. Feel free to contact us.